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2020 my country's reducer market trend analysis and status quo investigation

Time: 2020-6-10 Click: 3698 times

In recent years, China's reducer industry has a large scale of production and sales, but there is still a big gap between domestic reducer technology and some foreign countries in terms of technology and performance, and some high-end parts and components are still very dependent on imports.

 Import and export face blow

After years of rapid development, China's reducer industry currently ranks third in the world in terms of production and sales, but there is a big gap between technology and performance in Europe, the United States, and Japan.Although the export volume of reducer manufacturing is relatively large, it still relies heavily on imports for some high-end parts.

 From the perspective of the specific changes in the import and export volume of the industry, from 2017 to 2019, the export value of my country's reducer manufacturing industry has increased year by year, but the import value has fluctuated and decreased. In 2019, the total import and export of my country's mattress industry was US$42.64 billion, an increase of 2019% over 4.13.Among them, exports achieved US$26.18 billion, an increase of 2018% from 10.89; imports achieved US$16.46 billion, a decrease of 2018% from 5.07; a trade surplus of 9.72 million yuan, an increase of 2018% from 55.02.

The export share of transmission shafts has increased significantly

From the perspective of the export product structure, there are 3 types of export products in China's reducer manufacturing industry, "gears and other transmission and transmission devices: ball screw drive shafts" (tariff number: 84834090), and "planetary gear reducers" (tariff number: 84834020) ) And "Roller Screw Drive" (Tax Code: 84834010).

In recent years, with the exception of "gears and other gears and transmissions: ball screw drive shafts", the export shares of other products have declined. In the first quarter of 2020, the export value of "Gears and other transmission and transmission devices: ball screw drive shafts" accounted for 89% of the total export value of China's reducer manufacturing industry.


Little change in product import structure



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