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On March 2012, 3, Ever-Power Transmission held the 10 Business Working Conference at the Puxi Intercontinental Hotel

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two0On March XNUMX, XNUMX, all the management and sales staff of Shanghai Ever-Power Reducer Co., Ltd. held a meeting in the InterContinental Hotel Puxi, Shanghai2011Annual business meeting

according to2011Year's operating conditions and2012On the macroeconomic situation at home and abroad in the year, the general manager put forward the guiding ideology of the company’s economic development: taking the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference as the guide10New Year’s birthday is an opportunity, grasp the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, and actively face the complex and changeable markets at home and abroad, practice hard work, intensive cultivation, create a new environment, create new opportunities, and strive for the next10Create new milestones during the year, maintain steady growth of the company's sales business, and maintain sustained development of benefits.

2012The expected economic goal for the whole year is: to achieve invoicing sales6000XNUMX yuan, the product repair rate is controlled at0.5%Within, around2012The general economic goal of the year, the general manager requires the whole company to focus on the following five aspects:

XNUMX. Further strengthen the control of sales and markets, especially the development of the central and western markets;

XNUMX. Further strengthen the control of production, optimize supply chain management and spare parts procurement;

XNUMX. Further strengthen the control of quality and advance gradually6σManagement System;

XNUMX. Further strengthen cost control and reduce production and logistics costs;

XNUMX. Further strengthen the construction of corporate culture and further enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.

The general manager finally called on everyone to earnestly enhance the awareness of opportunities and crisis, do a solid job of all tasks, keep innovating, and work hard to promote the development of Ou Chuan transmission business and realize brand building!

Since then, the heads of each department made a summary of the work for 2011 and a work plan for 2012, and the Economic Work Conference was successfully concluded with fierce applause.

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