January 7, 2021

Prime Roller Chain
Loads may be straight positioned over the top rated rollers. By attaching a stopper around the conveyor, loads may be temporarily stopped or stored whilst continuously driving the chain.
Side Roller Chain
This chain is utilized for a free flow conveyor that runs on rails, along with the side rollers carry the weight of loads. Compared with Best Roller Chain from the exact same material, it might carry heavier load.
Hollow Pin Chain (HP)
The chain is connected with hollow pins which can be applied for fitting different attachments.
Flexible Chain (FX)
This chain has considerably sideward bending flexibility and is appropriate for curved traveling.
Flat Plate Variety Roller Chain (F)
Damage to chain guards as well as other parts are reduced with all the utilization of oval-shaped flat plates, and loads is usually set immediately over the chain.
Push Chain(PU)
That is the 1st chain that has the capability to push. New layouts are feasible because loads can be pushed and pulled without having making use of the guidebook, and area is often saved when compared to using cylinders.