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TRC hard tooth surface-gear reducer

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TRC hard tooth surface-gear reducer

Product name: TRC hard tooth surface-gear reducer


product description

TRC series small helical gear reducer is a new generation reducer product designed by our company on the basis of the modular combination series. It can be combined with ordinary IEC, brake, explosion-proof, frequency conversion, servo and other motors. It is located in six directions in three-dimensional space. Any installation.This product is widely used in driving basins such as textile, food, beer and beverage, chemical industry, automated storage equipment, tobacco, environmental protection, and logistics.The product has the following characteristics:

1. Modularity

2. Helical gear transmission, high efficiency

3. Fine magic tooth surface, exquisite design

4. Compact structure, exquisite design

5. Diversified installation methods

6. Aluminum cabinet, light weight

7.Carburized hard tooth surface, Durable

8. A variety of structural forms can be combined to meet the needs of various transmission conditions


Product parameters:

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