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BKM hypoid gear reducer

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BKM hypoid gear reducer

Product name: BKM hypoid gear reducer


product description

BKM series helical gear-hypoid gear reducer is a new generation of practical products independently developed by our company.Incorporating advanced technologies at home and abroad, it has the following characteristics:

1. It adopts hypoid gear transmission with large transmission ratio;

2. Large output torque, high transmission efficiency (above 90%), energy saving and environmental protection;

3. High-quality aluminum alloy casting, light weight and no rust;

4. Smooth transmission, low noise, suitable for long-term continuous work in harsh environments;

5. Beautiful and durable, small size;

6. It can be adapted to all-round installation, has a wide range of applications and is convenient to use;

7. The installation dimensions of the BKM series reducer can be fully compatible with the NMRV series worm gear reducer;

8. Modular combination, can be combined in various forms to meet the needs of various transmission conditions.

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