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DC brushless roller motor

Product name: DC brushless roller motor


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Product description:

The integrated electric drum motor is a new type of driving device that puts the motor and the reducer together in the drum. It is mainly used in fixed and mobile belt conveyors instead of traditional motors. The reducer is in the drive of the drum. Separate drive decoration inside.

The electric drum can be operated in environments where the size of particles meets severe conditions, can resist water flow and mist, and can withstand most corrosive environmental conditions. Due to the protection level of IP66 and its stainless steel material (provided on demand), the electric drum is also suitable for food Processing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

The electric drum is driven by a DC brushless motor with a voltage of DC24V, which can also be customized according to customer requirements.

The electric drum contains oil as a lubricant and coolant, and the heat dissipation method is through the drum shell and the conveyor belt.When a motorized drum without a conveyor belt is used, special design can be made to ensure cooling.

Selection (option):

Integrated overheat protection: a thermostatic protection switch is integrated at the end of the motor winding.When the motor overheats, the switch is activated.However, the switch must be connected to a suitable external controller that can interrupt the current delivery to the motor in the event of overheating.

Integrated electromagnetic brake: The integrated electromagnetic brake can delay and stop the gravity of a given conveyor belt. It will directly affect the shaft of the electric drum and is driven by a DC rectifier.

Mechanical reversing device: The mechanical anti-reversing device installed on the shaft can be used to raise the conveyor.In the case of current interruption, it can inhibit the conveyor belt from running backwards.

Rotary encoder: The pulse of the rotary encoder can be used to position and control the speed and direction of rotation.

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