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Five precautions for buying a reducer!

Time: 2020-6-10 Click: 3837 times

After years of testing, we have summarized some performance indicators for evaluating the quality of the reducer, especially the areas that are prone to problems in the development of the reducer.No one can escape from these pits.Whether it can be solved, and when it can be solved, depends on the R&D strength.Therefore, the next time a reducer manufacturer comes to your door, you can ask them if they have encountered these problems, and to what extent they will know that this company is not reliable.

Oil spill

Regardless of the reducer, this is a problem that must be faced.The cause of oil leakage is more complicated, involving oil seal brand, oil packaging, shaft processing technology, use method, etc., and oil leakage is divided into real oil leakage and fake oil leakage.

The so-called false oil leakage refers to oil leakage shortly after operation, the amount of oil leakage is small, and no longer occurs after a short time.This is generally the release of internal pressure. Once the pressure is released, it will be fine.The time when the actual oil leakage occurs is uncertain. It may be the leakage at the beginning. At this time, it may be a product quality or assembly quality problem; it may also occur after a long time of operation. This is generally an oil seal life problem (use Except improper).

Many people are willing to use oil spills to attack domestic reducers.Yes, it is true that on this issue, the probability of occurrence of domestic reducers is relatively high. It may be that the technology is immature, or the use of relatively general oil seals.However, it must be said that this is by no means a characteristic of the domestically produced reducer. We can't remember this pot. It is an imported reducer. Let's not talk about the brand. It is not a single one. I have also tested the oil leakage.Those customers who have used imported brand robots will also be aware of this problem.As for how the manufacturer explained it, I don't know.So it's not that the imported oil does not leak, but the probability is small, you don't know it.


There are two types here, one is the angular transmission accuracy, which is marked in the reducer manual, which affects the absolute positioning accuracy of the robot; the other is the repeat positioning accuracy, which is not in the reducer manual. What affects is the repeated positioning accuracy of the robot.Angle transmission accuracy is generally provided by reducer manufacturers with professional equipment, but customers can also design some simple methods to measure them.The same is true for repeat positioning accuracy.

For the new reducer, it is OK for many manufacturers to reach the nominal 1 arc minute or less, but the biggest problem is consistency and stability.It is possible that most manufacturers have reached the standard accuracy at the beginning, but after a few months, either the accuracy will jump up and down, or it will get worse and worse.

The same is true for repeat positioning accuracy. It is no problem to achieve high repeat positioning accuracy in a short time, but it is difficult to maintain it after a long time.


This is more intuitive, but a point that less people pay attention to.In fact, heating is also related to the accuracy mentioned above.The accuracy of the reducer depends on the meshing degree of the gears. If the meshing gap is too large, the accuracy of the reducer will be poor. However, the accuracy of the reducer will be improved by the method of micro-interference, but it will cause the problem of excessive heat generation. On the RV, the difference in heat generation using the Teijin structure is not so obvious, and the same is the harmonic reducer, the degree of heat generation of different brands is much different.In addition, among the harmonics, HD is the only manufacturer that can achieve both high accuracy and low heat.The title of gangster is by no means an understatement.

Of course, heat is not only related to gears, but also related to grease and assembly. The quality of grease and assembly capabilities will have a significant impact.There are a lot of detailed craftsmanship here, depending on the technical capabilities of each robot manufacturer.


Life is also the point where domestic reducers have been complained the most.Everyone always complains about the short life of the reducer, but there are not many people who can clarify what is short.

In fact, the life of the reducer mainly depends on the life of the bearing. Generally speaking, the bearing is the first to break, especially the harmonics. In the case of RV, the planetary structure is also the point of easy damage.

Many people complain that the bearings used in domestic reducers are not good.I have to make two fair sentences, and there are two points: one is that the bearing is really bad, it may be that the material or workmanship and other defects cause the bearing to not reach that life; but, the other situation is, Even if you use the same bearings as HD, you can't guarantee 100% life expectancy.The reason is that in the harmonic industry, there is a certain probability of premature wear of bearings, which I have been confirmed by major manufacturers.That is to say, this is an industry bottleneck, that is, there is a small probability that the bearing will be broken inexplicably, and it cannot be found in the early stage.At this time, whether there is a problem with the reducer itself or a customer problem, there is actually a gray area and a place for wrangling.There are also differences in this probability between different brands.You have to ask the manufacturer what the probability is. It is estimated that they will not be able to answer it, or they dare not answer you directly. Generally, the official answer will say within 10%.This is a statistical probability.So how did this statistical value come from? Then who has such a large sample to make statistics, you know.

Premature wear and tear will generally occur in a few months to a year or so, depending on the operating conditions, so those reducer manufacturers that take advantage of the explosion of robots to ship a large number of shipments should pay attention. If the probability is not controlled during the previous research and development, The more we ship now, the bigger the head will be in half a year.Many people preach that the domestic reducer is ushering in the spring, but I think many people are producing time bombs one after another. One day they will be detonated, and the land will fall apart.

Transmission efficiency

In fact, this has something to do with the accuracy, heat generation, grease, etc. mentioned earlier.Transmission efficiency is also one of the important evaluation indexes of reducer.To test the transmission efficiency also requires professional equipment, and it is difficult for customers to measure specific data by themselves.However, it is possible to make a horizontal comparison.Heat is the most intuitive way to compare. Junior high school knowledge tells us that energy is conserved. If the heat is larger, it means that more power of the motor is used to eliminate friction, and the output power will naturally be less.With less output power, the load capacity is naturally weak, the acceleration is naturally small, and the beat is naturally slow.

The main differences between different manufacturers are mainly the above content. As for how to actually measure and how to establish a reasonable evaluation standard, each has its own method and its own reason. The test method must be explored by yourself, because the manufacturer is not necessarily Ken revealed, or even some manufacturers have not tested it, but at least the manufacturers that can explain the above questions clearly are more reliable manufacturers, at least they are really making products, if you can’t answer, then please think twice. .

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