Motor with gear ratio 1:300 gear worm reducer solid shaft output motor


Quick Details

Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China


Boat, Car, Electric Bicycle, Fan

Protection Class:

IP23 IP44 or IP54

Rated Frequency:


Standard Rated Voltage:

6kv, 10kv or other

Motor Insulation:

Class F

Mounting Type:

IMB3(or as requested)



Supply Ability

Supply Ability:
5000 Unit/Units per Year

Online Customization

Products Description

Product Introduction:

Motor with gear ratio 1:300 gear worm reducer motor has high technology content, with helical gear and worm gear combined drive,improve the torque and efficiency of the machine.This series of products have complete specifications, wide rotation speed range, good versatility, suitable for all kinds ofinstallation, safe and reliable performance long life, the implementation of international standards.





Output torque(kN.m)


Main Features:

1)For solid shaft output, the average efficiency is 96% for level 2, 94% for level 3 and 85% for R/R combination.
2)Specially designed for stirring, RM series can bear larger axial and radial forces.

Product feature and application:

Main product

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Jiangshan Transpower Enterprise Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Transpower) is a professional industry equipment supplier in the field of electrical and power transmission, and has a wholly-owned subsidiary Transpower Industries Limted. At present, Transpower has two
factories to design and manufacturing transformers and electric motors, and depends on our market and products experience, we are also very good at the business of selling all concerned industry EPC equipment, for example, substation products, reducer, steel
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We are specialized in designing and producing all kinds of transformer, such as substation transformer,distribution transformer,dry type transformer, arc furnace transformer and pad mounted, at the voltage range of 10kV ~ 230kV, and products capacity up to 200MVA. In the past 10 years, with a powerful R&D team, good product quality and service, our transformers have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions, covering the industries of steel melting, power transmission, railway traction, mining and etc. We focus on the business of high voltage products and relevant industrial equipment, for example, kinds of power transformer, substation products, motor, mining machine, melting furnace and electrical control cabinet etc. We also pay great attention on the business of kinds of motor, both AC and DC motors, including HV & LV type and big torque motors, within a few years, our motors have been used a lot in mining, metallurgy, sugar plant, cement and other industry.

In the tide of global competition, Transpower always focus on ourselves management, growth, optimization, we hope we can contribute our positive and upward energy to all of clients and cooperators, and better your power and energy.

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1. What is the cause of the oil leakage failure of the gear reducer?
Unreasonable structural design of reducer.Check the hole cover plate is too thin, after tightening the bolt, it is easy to produce deformation, make the bonding surface uneven, and leak oil from the contact gap.

2. How to improve the gear accuracy of reducer?
In hobbing machining, the movement accuracy is ensured by controlling the length of common normal line and the diameter jump of tooth ring, the working smoothness accuracy is ensured by controlling the tooth shape error and base joint deviation, and the contact accuracy is ensured by controlling the tooth direction error.

3. What is the difference between speed motor and ordinary motor?
Reducer is a kind of gearbox, generally used for low speed and large torque transmission equipment, the principle is the motor,internal combustion engine, motor or other high-speed running power, through the reducer input shaft gear mesh output shaft gear,
so as to achieve the purpose of deceleration;The ratio of the number of teeth of the major and minor gears is the transmission ratio.