Decelerator with Worm Drive speed reducer widely application


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Zhejiang, China

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Machine Tool

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Electric Motor Speed Reducer

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5000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Decelerator with Worm Drive speed reducer widely application


Manual pump adopts double plunger diameter, high and low pressure double flow, high pressure constant pressure relief valve, low pressure constant pressure dump, when used in the directional control valve handle to first, tilt pump body compressive bar back and forth, repeatedly for several times, the pipeline pump body back to the oil storage tank in the air, then reversing valve handle to corresponding flowline road, then tilt the handle, the handle through a connecting rod drive the high and low pressure pump work at the same time, high-pressure pump, low pressure pump respectively through their one-way valve oil absorption, oil absorption pump body handle down, and the oil from the oil valve pressure respectively, after low pressure pump oil through the oil valve’s total loss to the low pressure relief valve and pump out the oil,The high pressure oil pipeline is simultaneously fed to the high pressure overflow valve by the high pressure oil outlet one-way valve and then to the main oil outlet.

At this point, high and low pressure oil is transferred from the main oil route to three four-way reversing valves, which are then fed to the oil cylinder or machine tool through high pressure hose and quick joint.In the hydraulic system, when the low pressure exceeds the set pressure of 1Mpa, the high pressure oil will open the low pressure safety valve, so that the low pressure oil can be unloaded back to the tank, and the remaining high pressure oil will continue to work.After the completion of the work, in order to make the oil cylinder or machine back to the initial position, reversing valve handle to the opposite direction, operation manual pump handle again, until the return oil cylinder, tools, after work will be back to in a reversing valve handle.

When using the manual pump, if have free time to play phenomenon, which will pump refuse, reversing valve side pull in place after the loose, let the oil in a contact state, repeatedly pulled handle can, and then enter the normal operation.If there is still empty beating, please check whether the oil level in the oil tank is not enough. If not, please add the filtered ya-n32 hydraulic oil.In addition, the quick joint should be kept clean to avoid blockage and contamination of the pump body

Product features:

Small volume, light weight, compact structure, simple operation, ultra-high pressure, small flow, can be equipped with low pressure pump to improve working efficiency.On the basis of crude oil road, various hydraulic components can be added, such as electromagnetic reversing valve, pressure relay, remote control switch, hydraulic lock, etc., which can be used at any pressure within rated pressure.

Product use:

Can direct pressure testing of pressure vessels, equipped with special tools can be overweight, bending, straightening, squeezing, shearing, maohan, jack-up, stretching, tear open outfit, punching, construction steel extrusion, Bridges, engineering machinery and other various operations.

Type SYB series of hand, foot pump is connected and double piston type oil pump, when the low pressure high and low pressure plunger oil supply at the same time, more than the setting pressure of low pressure oil overflow automatically, no pressure plunger pressure, simplex, double oil two kinds